Subject: evbppc/gt64260 if_gfe config change
To: None <>
From: Doug Fraser <>
List: port-powerpc
Date: 06/22/2004 09:36:34
We have an evbppc port to a custom gt64260/PPC750CXe running here that is largely
compatible with the EV6420 port. (which makes sense, given the common bridge).

In the function gfe_attach, in the file sys/dev/marvell/if_gfe.c, around line 263,
there is a block of code that sets the interface to MII or RMII based on the config flags.
I would like to see a change that will accept the config as provided by the boot monitor
either based on a different flag (2 as opposed to 1 ?) or a config option to bypass
the entire block. Any feelings on which method would be best?

Currently I use flag bit 2 to signal this as follows.

	 * This block sets up the MAC/PHY interface to be MII or RMII.
	 * Only do this if the config flag bit 2 is NOT set.
	 * If flag bit 2 is set, then use the config set by the boot monitor.
	 * If flag bit 1 is set, then the interface is RMII, else the
	 * interface is MII
	if (!(sc->sc_dev.dv_cfdata->cf_flags & 2)) {
		if (sc->sc_dev.dv_cfdata->cf_flags & 1) {
			sc->sc_pcxr |= ETH_EPCXR_RMIIEn;
		} else {
			sc->sc_pcxr &= ~ETH_EPCXR_RMIIEn;

	/* display what we have set.... */
	if(sc->sc_pcxr & ETH_EPCXR_RMIIEn) {
		aprint_normal(", phy %d (rmii)", phyaddr);
	} else {
		aprint_normal(", phy %d (mii)", phyaddr);

Also, being new to the NetBSD community, how would I present
this change back to the community for consideration?


Douglas Fraser