Subject: Marvell EV64260
To: None <>
From: Fraser Douglas <>
List: port-powerpc
Date: 03/18/2004 10:21:51
SO this seems to be the place to post ev64260 issues.

I have recently built netbsd-current for this board.
I am using PMON2000 as a boot monitor, booting netbsd
via TFTP from a netbsd x86 box. Things for the most part
are fine. I had to add a few lines to the config file

options	USER_SR=3D9
options	KERNEL_SR=3D10
options	KERNEL2_SR=3D11

to avoid having the kernel malloc pages buried beneath
the PCI BATs. Has anyone else bumped into this? I
was surprised to fins a non-runner issue so soon in
the process.

It loads and starts, but halts in gtmpscattach().
(called from consinit(). I have configured MPSC as console)
If I bail early from that function, it comes all the way
up until init.

I went back to visit gtmpscattach(), and find that it
fails down in the dma map routines, particularly,
PHYS_TO_BUS_MEM is undefined, and the resulting structure
entry in bus_dma_tag_t (*(t)->_dma_phys_to_bus_mem) is
left NULL, which on dereference, causes an exception.
Some ports define this macro and others bypass it
entirely by using their own bus.h associated source files.
In this case, neither quite seems to be true.

Has anyone else dealt with this already?
What is the preferred solution?

(NOTE: I am old to embedded, new to NetBSD)