Subject: Re: A couple of suggestions
To: Allen Briggs <>
From: Matt Thomas <>
List: port-powerpc
Date: 01/06/2004 09:28:26
At 08:26 PM 1/5/2004, Allen Briggs wrote:
>I've been working on moving Sandpoint and another Sandpoint-like
>port to evbppc.  In doing so, I've found that there are a few
>things I'd like to do to help support this.


>I'd like to add a few more _IMPL options.  Right now, we have
>         PPC_INTR_IMPL
>I'd like to add
>with their associated changes.  In this case, I'd like to make
>some of these files, well, machdep in nature and add, for example:
>options         PPC_PCI_MACHDEP_IMPL="<arch/evbppc/sandpoint/pci_machdep.h>"
>This works, except that arch/powerpc/conf/Makefile.powerpc does


>So when we trying to
>it becomes
>#include <arch/1/sandpoint/pci_machdep.h>

I ran into that too.

>instead of what I need and expect.  I see three possibilities for
>this.  One is to eliminate the -D${MACHINE} conditionally on the
>specific port/board defining something like NO_MACHINE_CPPFLAG,
>which seems to work OK.  Another is to make it -D${MACHINE}=${MACHINE}
>which also seems to work OK and might be less likely to have any
>side-effects.  The last is to just get rid of the -D${MACHINE}
>altogether.  I don't know if anyone's depending on it at the moment,
>but I suspect that someone is.
>Anyone have any thoughts on the above?

Either change CPPFLAGS as above or nuke it.

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