Subject: PowerQuick drivers...
To: None <>
From: M L Riechers <>
List: port-powerpc
Date: 11/10/2003 18:02:32
On Tue, 11 Nov 2003 00:47:58 +0200,

> Evening...
> Just browsing through cvs archive in look of any code which
> might be useful for my 8260 platform...
> Is it true that there is absolutely "no" code so far in
> the netbsd tree suitable for the PowerQuickII family?

At last look, yes.

> Don't see any FCC/SCC/SMC drivers at all...
> thanx in advance
> rick

Poor Richard,

There are some rudimentary drivers in Japan, but I've written
(derivative) scc and smc drivers that work pretty well.  These are for
the mpc860 family.  I'm unclear exactly what the differences between
powerquick and powerquick eye eye are, i.e. wrt the CPM.

Wanna make a deal?

Publishing my mpc823 port's waiting on my own malaise.

Kind regards,