Subject: Re: MPC 8240 pvr?
To: Klaus Klein <>
From: Brian Baird <>
List: port-powerpc
Date: 09/19/2003 01:46:37
Unfortunately no.  The 8240 core uses 0x00810101 as the full PVR (the
lower 16 bits are the rev field).  The 8260 is also 0x00810101, while
the 8260A is 0x80811014 (which coincidentally is the same as the 8245)

I think you could determine things correctly by reading the PVR and
then reading the PCI device id for the cpu host bridge.  The 8240 is
device 0x0003, while the 8260 is device 0x18c0.

Fun docs to read:

PowerQUICC II differences (includes PVR settings for 825x/6x/7x/80)

PVR Register settings for 824x (and lots of other cpus)

> Is it possible to reliably distinguish between them using the revision
> field of the PVR?  (And: is there documentation on that available,
> say, in the user manual?)