Subject: IBM NetworkStation 1000 port
To: None <>
From: Jochen Roth <>
List: port-powerpc
Date: 06/25/2003 16:56:57
Hello everyone,

I found a couple postings regarding the NS1000 a number of weeks
ago when I was looking for more information. I tried to find
some downloadable archives of this list to avoid faq-type questions,
but I have not found anything for off-line reading yet.

I wrote the original patches for linux on the NS1000, so here is
some background on where I am at.

> Subject: Re: IBM NetStation 1000 Port
> To: Okke Wald <>
> From: John Gordon <>
> List: port-powerpc
> Date: 04/12/2003 00:23:53 

> There is a patch that can be applied to the stock 2.4.19 kernel available from
> - there is very little
> documentation, but there are some posts in the forums for this project that
> explain the installation and build process, and some emails in the mailing list
> archives.

I pretty much reverse engineered the boot process using a JTAG debugger
and watchpoints on data areas, etc. Most of what I know is in the source
code patches. The single biggest problem for me has been trying to locate
some documentation on the IBM27-82376 ISA bridge. I found some snippets
in a reference design .ps for the 82660 host bridge, and that is it. So
anybody with any information on it, please email!

> I have that kernel built and booted, and it worked as far as getting to the
> root file system. Then it stopped as I didn't have a root file system that I
> could make work (perhaps you'll have more luck with the one on the sourceforge
> site - if so, please let me know what you did to get it working ;-).

I use an NFS mount here by now, I don't remember what shape the initrd
root fs was in.

> As for VGA and sound support, I believe that both of these are being worked on,
> though I don't know about the progress in that area (the kernel I booted
> certainly did something with the video system as I got a penguin displayed in
> the top left of the screen).

I added a really shaky patch for true color support on the Trio chip
in the box. It works with the 4.1.something fbdev X server up to
1024x768 at 16bpp. Sound and pcmcia works now as well. The latest patch
for linux 2.4.19 is here:

I can't sem to find the message in question, but I read somewhere else
that the GPL in the ncdcs tool is a problem for inclusion in BSD-licensed
sets. I GPL'd the linux version since I would like that to become part
of the mainline code at some point. If someone can point me to a
recommended BSD boilerplate and instructions for submissions etc then I
can produce a BSD-licensed version as well.

Also, if anybody has archives for the ppc-related netbsd lists other
than, please let me know if there is a way
to obtain a copy.