Subject: Re: -RS/6000
To: Riccardo Orfei <>
From: Jochen Kunz <>
List: port-powerpc
Date: 03/30/2003 20:57:00
On 2003.03.30 17:33 Riccardo Orfei wrote:

> I want to apologize to all the people in the mailing list
No problem. :-)=20

> My RS6000 system is NOT a 43/100, but a Model 7011-250
> PPC 601 @ 66/80 MHz
> L1 cache 32KB
> 1MCA Bus 80 Mhz.
Oh, this is completely different machine. We had a machine like that at
our university as general purpose remote login server. Somtetimes there
where dozens of students loged in doing some work and the machine
carried that load well. Astonishing for a small pizza box like that.=20

> So, I think I'm out of luck.
Yes. AFAIK NetBSD still lacks PPC601 support and MCA archtitecture PPC
machines are unsupported for sure. I am afraid but your one and only
choice is AIX.=20