Subject: re: possible bug in gcc
To: David Edelsohn <>
From: M L Riechers Mlr <>
List: port-powerpc
Date: 03/15/2003 22:36:36
>         Upgrade to a newer version of GCC.  This is a known problem in GCC
>    2.95. 
> thanks david.
> FYI: we are planning on importing GCC 3.3 when it is released as it
> supports pretty much every netbsd platform (more than 2.95 does.)
> erik, you can most likely use a gcc-3_3-branch compiler successfully
> on your machine...
> .mrg.

Er, yes, thank you.

2.95 seems to have problems WRT powerpc, 3.2.x doesn't work, so we're
anxiously awaiting 3.3 release.  3.3 initial release was thought to
be 1 March, but apparently was held up.  When it will be released, I
guess, is anybody's guess.  We're actually dying for this release.

"likely use a gcc-3_3-branch compiler successfully" certainly perked
my interest. Would you or someone else be so kind as to make a short
outline of what I got to do to cvs or something a 3.3 for compile, and
what's involved in making NetBSD makes and such happy for the gcc

I say with a little trepidition.  You'd think that after 30 years
writing system software I'd know these things, but that's not actually
the case.

Thanks in advance,

Best regards,