Subject: Re: Porting NetBSD to PowerPC 750CXe/600 PCI Mezzanine
To: , <>
From: Matt Thomas <>
List: port-powerpc
Date: 03/04/2003 23:40:30
At 11:13 PM 3/4/2003, Matt Thomas wrote:
>At 11:03 PM 3/4/2003, YOGI wrote:
>>Hello All,
>>    We have a task of porting NetBSD onto "PowerPC 750CXe/600 PCI Mezzanine
>>Card(PMC)". Where can we get more info regarding this...? What will be
>>complexity..? What will be steps...? Any help regarding this will be greatly
>I believe it's already been done.

My beliefs were incorrect.

>>    If any one of you have done this kind of work.... please guide us. Thanks
>>in advance.
>That's pmppc port I believe.

Whoops.  It isn't.  That a IBM750CXe + Marvell GT64260 on a PMC card.  A
completely different beast.

However, I'm integrating support for the GT64260 (on the Marvell EV64260
eval board) into NetBSD-current right at this moment.  Hopefully I've made
it easy to add support for that card.  Want to give me one to make sure? :)

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