Subject: RE: Performance Monitoring Capabilities in PowerPC (PMC
To: Dheeraj Pandey <>
From: Matt Thomas <>
List: port-powerpc
Date: 02/06/2003 18:23:35
At 05:58 PM 2/6/2003, Dheeraj Pandey wrote:

> > pmc is used on arm (xscale) and i386.  the pmc stuff has not yet been
> > defined for powerpc yet.  We really do need it for powerpc
> > and we should figure which of the PMC counter we should support.
>I really like Linux's implementation of using /proc filesystem to get/set
>PMC. Anyhow, the set of PMC counters to support can always be refined with
>time. If we start supporting some of the basic ones, e.g.
>for MPC750:
>    6 - # of cycles spent in table search for ITLB accesses
>    7 - # of L2 hits


Sadly the MPC7410 has different enumerations.  So we will need to maintain
a neutral list of events and translate to the processor specific variant
(if one exists).

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