Subject: how to run powerpc netbsd in psim?
To: None <>
From: Martin DvH <>
List: port-powerpc
Date: 02/13/2002 18:49:59
Hi all,
I am trying for a while now to boot a ppc netbsd kernel under the psim 
simulator but I can't get it to work.
Can anybody tell me what I need (versions and configuration file) and 
where to find it.
Most information I found references dead ftp sites or is in japanese. I 
must say makes very funny reading from japanese 
sites but it is not very helpfull.

Especially I don't know what hardware  tree and psim options to use.

Also in combination with which (cross-compiled) netbsd kernel (which 
arch/configuration), and how to compile and invoke ofwboot, I tried both 
ofwboot from the ofppc port and from the macppc port.
The only version I have that doesn't crash rightaway complaines about no 
dma in the ide controller and then dies.

I know several people have had netbsd ofppc running under psim in the 
past so if anybody has a hint, please tell me.

Thanks in advance,