Subject: Re: bzero.S and assym.h (Re: CVS commit: syssrc/sys/lib/libkern/arch/powerpc)
To: None <,>
From: None <>
List: port-powerpc
Date: 12/03/2001 23:03:33
| wrote:
| > | > return sysctl_rdint(oldp, oldlenp, newp, CACHELINESIZE);
| > 
| > That needs to be changed too.  The cache line size is not
| > necessarily fixed.
| Well, we don't currently support (officially) any ppc cpu that has a
| cache line size different from 32.
| That said, AFAICT, the only ppc cpus that currently exist with line
| sizes different from 32 are the embedded ones and the 64 bit ones.
| Now I may be totally out of my mind, but AFAICT both of those are in
| need of different kernels anyway.

Since we do run on embedded PPC CPUs, and they can have different
cache line sizes, we do need to support this *now*.