Subject: Problems booting and installing netbsd on iMac 333
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: port-powerpc
Date: 11/05/2001 01:18:51

I'have just installed NetBSD (1.5) on my iMac 333, but I have two problems :
- I can't use the file "netbsd" to boot, even if I use the bootloader 
(ofwboot.xcf), but I can boot on the file "netbsd.generic" that I copied on the 
partition, without and only without using the bootloader ... 
- when I boot, it works but when I'm prompted to choose the shell (in single user 
mode, just after it tells me that rc_configured is set to NO), all is like frozen 
... I can't type anything ...

I have another question : I don't understand how i'm supposed to tell the 
installer to use some partitions as said in the install instead of partitionning 
my disk and erase all data (i love backups) ? I Was forced to expand the packages 
on the partitions after a newfs -O, instead of make a good clean and easy 
install. Note : I have made a swap partition too.

Alexis Guillaume
PS : I hope my english can be understand :-)