Subject: Disk icon with question mark on Power Mac 7600/120
To: None <>
From: Jim Ferr <>
List: port-powerpc
Date: 06/28/2000 14:45:06
Hello, I've been experimenting with Netbsd for Power Mac and I am trying 
to install this on a 7600/120 with Quantum Fireball 1.2GB hard disk. (I 
remember reading about compatibility problems with this drive and I'm 
wondering if that can explain why I get the "I can't find a suitable boot 
disk" icon with question mark when trying to reboot after the 
installation process.)

My installation process was as follows:

Download ISO disc image from /pub/CDROM-Images/netbsd
Create ISO CD from disc image with Toast
Download boot.fs from install directory for macppc
Create boot floppy in A/UX (Heh) with dd command, 'dd if=boot.fs 
Boot into open firmware with command-option-o-f keys down
Enter boot fd:0 command via terminal program on another Mac with serial 
Follow sysinst instructions, all defaults, it finds CD and installs 
After reboot, removed floppy and CD
Disk icon with question mark appears

Suggestions appreciated.

Jim Ferr, Support Analyst, Apple Canada
Phone: (905) 513-5617
Pager: (416) 295-4277