Subject: Re: NetBSD and MCS based RS6000 machines
To: Ernst J. du Toit <>
From: David Brownlee <>
List: port-powerpc
Date: 02/15/2000 20:55:38
	Thanks - that is probably the first real info we've had to date :)
	OK - so who is putting together a webpage to hold this info?

	Roll up, roll up! If you want a port stump up at little html time
	to help those who will later code :)


On Tue, 15 Feb 2000, Ernst J. du Toit wrote:

> As far as I know that MCA stuff is still under patent, you know those thousands
> of patients IBM is so famous for :-) Anyway, I assume this will mean NDA
> territory...
> Maybe now that IBM is going after the Linux market in such a big way they
> might change that to get a Linux port for the MCA boxes. Maybe then GPL will
> come the the rescue and let us have access... all pigs standing by and ready
> for take off.
> If there is anyone with access to IBM literature, they might find the following
> useful:
>         POWERserver Hardware Technical Information General Architectures
>         IBM Publication Number (SA23-2643-02)
> (This book was written by Steve Thurber, anyone know if he is still with IBM?)
> another reference is:
>         RISC System/6000 PowerPC System Architecture
>         circa 1994. Sorry no publication info...