Subject: Re: NetBSD and MCS based RS6000 machines
To: David Brownlee <>
From: Henry B. Hotz <>
List: port-powerpc
Date: 02/15/2000 11:40:40
At 6:10 AM -0800 2/15/00, David Brownlee wrote:
>	Was anyone out there interested in collecting information that
>	would be needed for a port of NetBSD to these beasts?

I'm not quite sure why I got an individual copy of the query.

I'm generically interested in a port, but not specifically.  We have an IBM
system which is used to build the flight software for the Deep Space 1
Spacecraft.  (All other Unix systems here are Solaris.)  The spacecraft
uses a RAD6000 processor on a VME card and the VxWorks operating system.
That processor is basically a single-chip implementation of the Power
architecture similar to a PPC 601.  It is still considered for current
spacecraft development, but I can't imagine anyone switching to *BSD for a
new spacecraft development.

The IBM is strictly kept for software builds and is frozen at an old
version of AIX.

In other words we don't have the flexability to play with a new OS.  If
anyone wants some specific documentation feel free to ask though.

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