Subject: Re: IBM Network Station
To: Ernst J. du Toit <>
From: Neil A. Carson <>
List: port-powerpc
Date: 10/24/1999 17:14:32
"Ernst J. du Toit" wrote:

> You mean to say the NCD OS that ship with the NCs as part of IBM's NSM is
> NetBSD derived, or is it BSD derived?

No, but the V2 OS is NetBSD-derived.

> AFAIK, the model 300 has a clock doubled processor (66MHz) as opposed to the
> model 100 (33MHz), there are also some minor PCB layout changes (like a
> jumper near the audio side), but I could not see any other differences.

I think there may be functionally more differences... Certainly as part
of my own evaluation process AFAIR the 300 and 1000 were able to run
NetBSD but the 100 wasn't. Maybe Mark can shed some more light, this is
too far in the past now.