Subject: Re: IBM Network Station
To: Neil A. Carson <>
From: Ernst J. du Toit <>
List: port-powerpc
Date: 10/24/1999 22:19:10
You mean to say the NCD OS that ship with the NCs as part of IBM's NSM is
NetBSD derived, or is it BSD derived?

The reason I ask is that for a long time only Netscape 3 was shipped along,
the excuse being that Netscape 4 was C++ based and the NCD OS didn't have a
C++ compiler... if it came from NetBSD then the C++ compiler in NetBSD have
should have being able to do the trick?

AFAIK, the model 300 has a clock doubled processor (66MHz) as opposed to the
model 100 (33MHz), there are also some minor PCB layout changes (like a
jumper near the audio side), but I could not see any other differences.


"Neil A. Carson" wrote:

> They do; also, the 1000 and 300 PPC boxes will do, but I don't know if
> the OS upgrade for them has been shipped yet. The 100 uses a totally
> TLBless chip AFAIR and is also underpowered and underspecified. That's
> what all the RFS discussion on -kern was about recently, too.
>         Neil