Subject: Re: PowerMac snapshot woes
To: None <port-powerpc@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Dan Jacobowitz <>
List: port-powerpc
Date: 04/30/1998 20:50:28
Floppy boot we have still had no luck with, as far as I know.  If you want,
I can sort through my sources and try to find the latest version of my
hacked-through ofwboot which allows floppy booting, but I more or less
abandoned it out of frustration at various interrupt-related bugs I simply
could not track down.


who really wants a mesh driver because he can't scrap his internal drive
right now

or - is the mesh the internal or external SCSI controller on the 7300's?  I
know one of them is a 53c94; if that's the external, I finally acquired the
hardware to try booting!


>Will they work on a G3? I ask as I thought it has a mesh SCSI interface.
>If they do (and thus it makes no sense to make SCSI partitions), is it
>possible to make a boot floppy, with just the kernel and enough stuff to
>make the OFW actually boot it, then have the kernel boot off of the
>ethernet interface?
>Is the G3's ether supported? :-)
>Take care,