Subject: NetBSD/be
To: None <port-powerpc@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Kazuki Sakamoto <>
List: port-powerpc
Date: 06/30/1997 12:05:59
Now, I am porting NetBSD/powerpc(1.2E) to BeBox.
NetBSD's kernel works before mount root filesystem.

Because BeBox doesn't have OpenFirmware,
OpenFirmware driver is removed from NetBSD/powerpc,
and Device Drivers of NetBSD/i386 is put, and added,
and NetBSD/be is being made.

Floppy drive controller and Ethernet(NE2000) and
console(VGA,keyboard) be usable somehow under the present condition.
# a latent problem seems that problem is about endian.

So, I want NetBSD/powerpc binary (/sbin/init,/bin/sh,...).

Though I tried to use
a result wasn't good. (a reason hasn't been examined yet.)

Therefore, I want to know how to make it those.

NetBSD Kernel Compile environment:
    gcc-, binutils-2.7
    + <URL:> patches

Teach me how to make it.

Kazuki Sakamoto