Subject: Re: Build ELF support into OF manually?
To: James Milne <>
From: Andrew Cagney <>
List: port-powerpc
Date: 02/07/1997 10:28:26
Excerpts from mail: 6-Feb-97 Build ELF support into OF m.. James
Milne@mail.cyberex (321*)

> Would it be possible for us to write ELF support into PowerMac OF?
> It could be possible, the AIX binary compatibility is achieved through
> a package built into the ROMS, is it not?

Actually it is mostly done (famous last words :-).  What you need to do
is hack the boot.ppc image into submission so that it is of a format
that that the PowerMac can understand.

Possible methods include:

	o	building boot.ppc using tools that generate
		the correct binary format.

	o	post processing the ELF boot.ppc image
		into a Mac compatible format.

For the latter the GNU binutils objcopy program may help, although a
small c-program may prove quicker and simpler :-).  I would first have a
look at what MkLinux is doing. They will have solved exactly this