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Re: Re^2: NetBSD-Mach?

[ Again, let's keep powerpc threads on port-powerpc, please ]

On Tue, 10 Dec 1996 18:51:43 -0600 (CST) 
 "The Great Mr. Kurtz [David A. Gatwood]" <davagatw%Mars.utm.edU@localhost> 

 > Binary compatibility - probably  x86 only... and certainly not on
 > the Powermacs (no NetBSD port as of yet to be compatible with).

"BZZT."  NetBSD/powerpc.  If one powerpc port's binaries are incompatible
with another's, it's because of a bug.

 > Speaking of binaries... what about NetBSD-powerpc binaries?  Any chance of
 > inherent native binary compatibility without all sorts of hell?  What
 > sections of the arch-specific code describe binary formats?

If it's compatibility with Linux binaries, you have some re-engineering
of COMPAT_LINUX to do... Because of Linux's "design", they have
different syscall numbers, errno values, etc. for each of their
supported platforms.  You have to deal with this in the compatibility

 > Yes lites exists, no, I've never heard of anyone using it.  I think
 > the NetBSD name and affiliation of a server would actually make it
 > competitive against Linux, especially if the installation were simple
 > enough.  With some work, I'd say it would be possible to make Mach3 handle
 > the NetBSD style ufs (or is it ffs?) file system, and then you could use
 > the existing mac68k mac-side stuff (mkfs, installer), far more mature than
 > the stuff with MkLinux for powermac.

There's probably a reason for that... I'd go as far as to say that Mach
is a cool research OS (and, that's what it is; a research OS), but
I'm hesitant to base production servers and workstations on it.

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