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Re: executable formats in port-powerpc

  Just a note of warning about using the GNU tools for
cross-development:  I've found a bug in the powerpc-*-elf
gcc- code, where varargs functions don't set the argument pointer
properly.  I have no idea about the fix -- for now I use the
workaround of figuring out what the correction needs to be (by
looking at assembly output) and adding an "ap -= xxx;" line into
the top of the varargs function, and then recompiling.  If
anyone else has gotten varargs powerpc-*-elf stuff to compile
properly (any version of gcc), I'd appreciate you telling me how.

  For that matter, if anyone knows of a publicly-available gcc
AND binutils powerpc-*-* target (either endianness, any
executable format:  COFF, XCOFF, ELF, AOUT, other) that works
for cross-compiling AND cross-linking, please let me know!  I've
tried powerpc-ibm-aix (GNU ld can't cross-link some
gcc-generated assembly) and powerpc-*-elf (and powerpc-*-eabi),
which has the above varargs bug (and maybe others???).

Brian Grayson (bgrayson%ece.utexas.edu@localhost)
Graduate Student, Electrical and Computer Engineering
The University of Texas at Austin
Office:  ENS 406       (512) 471-8011
Finger bgrayson%orac.ece.utexas.edu@localhost for PGP key.

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