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NetBSD for A/BOX?

I just visited the A/BOX home page (http://www.phase5.de/news/aboxe.html).
I'd describe it as a (non-CHRP) PPC-born-again-Amiga for those who haven't
heard about it. Would anyone care to comment on the following (quotes from
said home page):

>A large number of options will be available for the operating system
>software of the A\BOX. In general the A\BOX project aims to implement an
>Amiga-OS-compatible operating system of a state-of-the-art technical
>standard and to provide it as a basic operating system for the A\BOX.


>In addition to this we also plan to implement a NetBSD and a Linux version
>for the A\BOX in co-operation with other partners.

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