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Re: First FAQ draft, please read this

>  704?  Oh, never heard of that one.  I now remember that I have access to

It's the first chip from Exponential. See http://www.exp.com.

> an old 601/75 IBM machine.  No idea if this one has OFW. I bet not.

Most likely not.

> > There currently isn't support for tape drives in NetBSD/powerpc (but it
> > should be quite easy to integrate it).
>  Iks, I forgot about that. I could be in need of that quite soon anyway :-)

Really should be quite easy (to add an OpenFirmware based driver for it).

>  I bet it would run on any FirePower.


> > The PowerMacs with PCI bus all had OpenFirmware from the very start.
>  Oh, and does NetBSD/powerpc run?

No, not yet.  Current PowerMacs don't boot ELF files, but XCOFF files.  And
they don't support the MBR that is required in the current partitioning scheme.

However, I THINK that it would be only a few days to get it running on such
Macs, if I could get my hands on one.

> > To be complete there is also Linux for Power Macintosh. See for example
> > http://product.info.apple.com/pr/press.releases/1995/q2/960205.pr.rel.osf.html.
>  And Linux for Be. Any pointer on that?

No idea.  AFAIK, there isn't an available version of that.

>  No problem.  And I want to maintain it for a while at least.  If I cannot
> help on working on the port, I may at least help you to do so in killing
> all possible questions :-)


>  What you may have guessed from the text and the errors - the FAQ is based
> upon another FAQ.  I yet have to complete it to be dedicated to
> NetBSD/powerpc.

Yes, I guessed that.
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