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installation failure under gxemul

I'm trying to install pmax from gxemul but sets extraction fails
with the following error:

# mount -t cd9660 /dev/cd0c /mnt
# mount /dev/sd0c /mnt2
# cd /mnt2
# for a in /mnt/*/binary/sets/[bcemt]*.tgz; do echo $a; tar zxfp $a;
# done
tar: Failed read on archive volume 1 (Bad address)
tar: Unable to recover from an archive read failure.
tar: Unexpected EOF on archive file
tar: Premature end of file on archive read

The above is an attempt to install manually. I tried the installer
too but it reported the same error.

Extracting the same file with the same flags on amd64 current system
doesn't report any error.

I launch the emulator with the following command:

gxemul -e 3max -d b:nbsd_pmax.img -d 

Does anyone else sees this problem?


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