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Custom kernel for DS5000 does no longer compile

My DS5000 can no longer compile its custom-configured kernel, but gives:

    compile  SOCKDEV/dec_3min.o
../../../../arch/pmax/pmax/dec_3min.c: In function 'dec_3min_tc_init':
../../../../arch/pmax/pmax/dec_3min.c:506: error:
'mips3_cp0_count_read' undeclared (first use in this function)
../../../../arch/pmax/pmax/dec_3min.c:506: error: (Each undeclared
identifier is reported only once
../../../../arch/pmax/pmax/dec_3min.c:506: error: for each function it
appears in.)

The kernel configuration file contains options MIPS1 and DEC_3MIN but
not MIPS3.  By looking around in the code, I discovered that by adding
MIPS32 explicitly to the kernel configuration file, the resulting
kernel builds and boots.

I tried this because mips/locore.h declares mips3_cp0_count_read if
any of MIPS3, MIPS4, MIPS32, or MIPS64 is defined.

But by looking at the kernel configuration files coming with NetBSD I
really just consider this a kludge and not a solution. I'm not even
sure whether mips3_cp0_count_read should be declared or the call to it
should be skipped for my machine.

For reference my previous kernel was compiled on Dec 2nd last year (4.99.38).

- Erik

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