Subject: Dec Hardware Available for pickup in Chicgo area
To: None <,,>
From: Stan Johnson <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 06/16/2005 15:20:28

I find myself having to do something I don't want to
do, but currently I have no choice.  I must downsize
my living arrangements, which means the computer
collection has to go ASAP.

I don't have time to ship unless there is a large
bribe included, so local pickup/delivery is needed.
I'm in Aurora IL, (~40miles west of Chicago).

I'll take 10 to 40 dollars for each machine, the price per machine
goes down if you take multiples.  First reply
gets an item unless someone will show up to
take everything. Reply directly to me by email to
keep the extra traffic off the list. =20

VaxStation 4000/mdl 60 (40 megs memory) nice VMS or netbsd machine
                                       have run both on this machine
                                       have drives for the machine

MicroVax 3100 with TK50 tape drive

2 DecStations 5000/125
2 DecStations 5000/150 (has extra TurboChannel cards for
  scsi and network)
Dec monitors (heavy) and keyboards/hockey puck mice
Dec Drive SCSI expansion box

Alpha 4000 (no skins, no drive shelf, 1 CPU and memory
            I was booting it over the network and using it as a compute nod=


Stan Johnson