Subject: Free 5000/240 in southern NJ
To: None <>
From: Bob Applegate <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 02/22/2004 20:40:36
I'll never use this system again, so it's available for free to anyone
willing to
pick it up OR pay shipping (it's heavy!):

   * DECstation 5000/240 processor.  Includes three 32 MB memory modules
     for 12 more).

   * SZ-12 expansion box with one RZ55 SCSI drive (300 MB?) and one RZ56
(600 MB?).

   * SZ-12 expansion box with two RZ56 (600 MB?) drives.

   * SCSI cables to go from processor to drive enclosure, and from one drive
     encloser to another.  You'll need to supply your own terminator.

   * PMAD-A ethernet board.

   * Four MS02 8 MB memory boards for 5000/2xx series workstations.

   * Possibly other miscellaneous DEC cables related to this system.

If interested, just email me to work out the details.  It was running NetBSD
at one
point, but I have no idea which drive has it loaded.  Everything was working
we powered down the system several years ago.