Subject: System crash - partly solved
To: None <,>
From: Andreas Priebe <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 08/21/2001 08:49:13

just to remind you:
I had a crashed Decstattion 5000/200 with a serial console, but
I was unable to do any input, although the output showed up fine.
I switched to kermit - and everything was fine :-)
(I will never again use HyperTerm !!! - although till this moment
it worked just fine ...)

Other attempts to solve my problem (which I will not investigate
further now) were:

Using a Linux PC to attach the disk. I got several hints to include
support for BSD disklabels and UFS support into a custumized kernel.
I tried this but never managed to read the disklabel.

I tried a NetBSD rescue floppy on this same i386 Pentium.
This recognized the disk fine, I was able to read a disklabel, but:
When running "disklabel sd0" it showed only the d partition, and said
something about finding 4 (!!!) partitions.
The latter sounds good, but I was unable to access these partitions
with a mount.
So the question remains: where have all the partitions gone?

But anyway, my data are back again, the Decstation is up and running
and I made a fresh backup :-(

Thanks for all suggestions,

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