Subject: DECstation 5000/25 fb / monitor and RAM question
To: None <>
From: Troy Glossop <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 07/20/2001 03:42:06
I have a DECstation 5000/25 which I only just got netBSD 1.5.1 working on 
recently, and I read on this site
that the internal framebuffer is COLOR? (8bit =256colors i assume)
Mine is what appears to be 256 color grayscale this due to the monitor 
(large DEC 19"?ish)or the fb? I dont have any other monitors i can test this 
also I was told this machine has 16mb of ram in it .. and in netBSD if i cat 
/kern/physmem it only states it has 4096.. do i have to specify the memory 
amount to the kernel? thank you for your time.

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