Subject: Newbie questions about MOP and DEC 5000/240
To: None <>
From: Paul Helfenstein <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 07/12/2001 15:07:04
Howdy folks:

I have acquired two DEC 5000/240 boxes with almost no peripheral
hardware I am investigating how I might install NetBSD/pmax (presumably
version 1.5)  I  will most likely have to start by netbooting from my
LINUX PC. I do not currently have a helper machine available and my scsi
disks were evidently wiped clean of any prior operating system before
they were discarded.  The prom version on both of the DEC machines is
KN03-AA V5.1b, which, according to the PROM list on

cannot be booted via tftp (it requires mop).

Question #1:  From what little I've learned so far from browsing yours
and other NetBSD distribution pages (most notably NetBSD/vax) I suspect
that in order to boot via mop, my LINUX PC server machine must have

1)  a mop daemon
2)  a mop bootloader

Am I correct and if so, are binaries suitable for mop-booting pmax from
a LINUX machine available?

Question #2:  A LINUX binary for mopd from the NetBSD/vax distribution
exists as well as a LINUX binary for a vax bootloader


I suspect that the mopd binary might work ok for booting pmax but that a
special pmax bootloader would be needed for the mop-boot to work on my
pmax machines.  Is this correct?  -- My newbie ingnorance is undoubtedly
showing by now -- perhaps the bootloader part of the install setup is
what you've already provided for booting via tftp and bootp  ;-).

Any guidance you offer will be appreciated. I have not finished browsing
through your archive
of previous correspondances, so please just direct me there if you've
already answered these questions for someone else.

Thanx muchly,
Paul H.