Subject: Re: Netscape or Mosaic?
To: NetBSD/pmax Discussion List <>
From: Iggy Drougge <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 07/09/2001 16:21:26
Greg A. Woods skrev:

>[ On , July 8, 2001 at 14:23:39 (+0100), Iggy Drougge wrote: ]
>> Subject: Re: Netscape or Mosaic?
>> I'm not asking for much more than HTML 3.2, or something similar to
>> Netscape
>> 3. And graphics, please. =)

>I would highly recommend Amaya then.  It was _the_ HTML-3 testbed!

Oh, but HTML 3.0 is a very different kettle of fish. HTML 3.0 was what the W3C
wanted, HTML 3.2 is mainly a formalised version of Netscape's proprietary

>I'm not sure it does HTTPS yet though, and last time I tried it on a
>forms page designed for Netscape it left a bit to be desired.

Is it nice to use?

>There's also still Mosaic.  It has even improved over time!  Mosaic
>needs lesstif12 (or Motif) though, while Amaya doesn't.  It won't run on
>Alpha though (and maybe not any 64-bit machine).

Has it yet gained support for inline JPEGs, or PNGs for that matter?

>> I wonder if Netscape couldn't be coerced into releasing the older Netscape
>> sources.

>I doubt it....

Hmm, yes, so do I. There are some things not intended for mortal eyes.

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