Subject: Re: Mouse/keyboard support on DEC 3000/400 (and other turbo bus
To: , <>
From: Toru Nishimura <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 07/06/2001 21:02:40
amaya <> wrote;

> 	Take a look at the 2001/01 alpha mailing list archives, bucketmouth
> frogstump put together a Xserver and a console based 1.5 install (I have X
> running on one of my 3000/300X's Thanks to his work)
> 	Dont know whether wscons or X for TC Alphas has made it into any
> standard release..

As a side note, there is a techinical oppotunity to have wscons Xserver
for HX (PMAGB-B) equipped DECstation 3MAX+ and 3MIN.

I made NetBSD/pmax to have GENERIC_SOFT_INTERRUPT snatching codes
from NetBSD/algor.  The resulting pmax kernel seems work well over 10days.
This paves the way to have WSCONS kernel for 3MAX+ and 3MIN as
these models have the same SCC design as DEC3000.  (in fact WSCONS
pmax had been useful in some degree before ZSIOASIC code was switched

Tohru Nishimura