Subject: Most likely thing to overheat/cause thermal errors in a 5000/25
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 07/03/2001 16:42:01

I've had some problems with stability on my 5k/25. Sudden crashes with no
obvious reason.
Sometimes I can break into the debugger or cause it to reboot, and
sometimes (usually) it's just completely locked up.

I've tested the RAM and it's not that (unless all my memory is faulty).
I've tested the disk, and it's not that.
I've tested with and without graphics card... no difference.
I've tested with 1.4.1 and 1.5. No difference.
I've tested with 2 different AUI 2 BNC adapters. No difference.

Most likely, some hardware error has sneaked into my machine, but what I've
noticed is that when I lived in cold Denmark I never had any crashes, while
here in shot & sunny Spain it can barely stay alive for one day.

Maybe it's a bad connection somewhere that only goes really bad and
disconnect when it's hot. Maybe it's something overheating... I don't know.

What is the most likely chip(s) in need of some active cooling ???
(currently there are only the fan in the PSU and those round cylinder
cooling profiles on the CPU board).