Subject: Re: DEFZA PMAF-A support
To: Chris Rupnik <>
From: Matt Thomas <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 07/03/2001 07:01:08
At 09:47 AM 7/3/2001 -0400, Chris Rupnik wrote:
>Well, then something is wrong over here.
>I have an alpha with a  DEFPA (axppci33) and a 3000/300 with both a DEFTA
>and a DEFZA (not configured of course)
>I get barely 12 Mbps between the hosts. with FTP.
>This is from a DEFTA to a DEFPA, netbsd 1.5 on each machine.
>5134982 bytes received in 00:02 (1.65 MB/s)
>Not too impressive is it?

Those are not the fastest machines.  FTP is limited by file sysem
performance so its not the best tool to use as a benchmark.
Lastly, you need to tweak the sendspace/recvspace used for TCP to
fill the ring during your token time.  64K is usually enough to do
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