Subject: Re: Problem with tftp
To: Sridhar Ayengar <>
From: Chris Tribo <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 02/23/2001 11:18:47
On Fri, 23 Feb 2001, Sridhar Ayengar wrote:

> I am running Slackware-7.1.0.  Will this be a problem?

	I couldn't say, I've never used it before. Probably not though.

> tftp configuration seems to be fine.  When I try to tftp netbsd-install
> from another machine, it succeeds in 8 seconds.

	That shouldn't be a problem then, unless the tftpd daemon in
Slackware doesn't support the tftp syntax that these rather antiquated DEC
boxen are using.

> I have a KN02-AA v5.3c.  Will this be a problem for tftp?  Will I be able

	According to the model support web page, no. It should tftp
properly, but the table is wildly innacurate and were usually tested with
a NetBSD tftp server.

> to use mop instead?  Do I have to use a secondary bootloader?  What would

	You should be able to use mop, the problem is that mop only boots
a.out kernels, and the kernels in the distribution are gziped ELF
kernels. There is an elf2aout conversion program with the NetBSD compiler
tools, but I doubt Linux has such a tool. 

> be the syntax for booting a CD-ROM on this box?

	On a 200, it would be >> boot 5/rzX for the baseboard SCSI *I
think*. In any case, 5 would be the TurboChannel slot number of the
onboard SCSI controller (the cnfg command will tell you), and the X is the
SCSI ID of the device you are trying to boot from. Note: to boot from a
SCSI CDROM on a DECstation, it probably will need to support 512 
byte/block mode and 2k/block mode. Depends on your CDROM drive, genuine
DEC (like an RRD-43) would be gaurenteed to work. I've had no problems
booting off my 4x JVC CD-R burner either, so it just depends on the drive.
Almost all Plextors, Toshibas, and Sony CD-ROM's should work.

	I noticed that you were using boot 2/tftp instead of boot
6/tftp. Do you have an add-in TurboChannel PMAD-A instead of using the
on-board 10Base2 connector? Also, if you don't have the boot-file name
specified in the bootp/dhcp setup, you will need to do boot
2/tftp/netbsd.ecoff (or whatever the file name is) 

	I don't have the URL for the two-stage network boot loader that
might help you handy, but if you search the pmax mailing list archieve or for threads from me within the last month or two
it should pop up.