Subject: Re: Good Question?
To: None <>
From: amaya <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 02/18/2001 08:17:31

>>I have often wondered
>>if you could get away with changing the 69 MHz xtal
>>in a DS3100, VS3100 or GPX card to about 80 Mhz to get a decent (non
>>headache generating) vertical refresh rate, using a multisync monitor.

>How would one go about changing this? Is it software-controlled or a
>matter of replacing an oscillator?

Replacing a TTL oscillator can. Software wouldn't see the change...
Looks like 83 Mhz would give you 72 Hz refresh and about a 68 Khz
horizontal rate...

I think 2100s and 3100s have hardwired (in a PAL) 1024x864 resolution so
you cant change that, so changing the xtal is all you could do.

If you could (like on GPXs) setting the number of displayed lines to 768
(for 1024x768) would give you about 66 Hz refresh, not grest but much
better than 60 (at least for my eyes). Setting the resolution to 1024x768
would also make the aspect ratio for most monitors better. DECs 1024X864
resolution always results in poor use of the screen, if you set the height
and width so that circles are round...

Peter Wallace