Subject: Re: Good Question?
To: NetBSD/pmax <>
From: Iggy Drougge <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 02/17/2001 11:29:18
amaya skrev:

>>Peter C. Wallace skrev:

>>>   Signal level wise you would be alright (RS-343?) but DS2100s video
>>>has 864 lines of vertical resolution (56 KHz horizontal) NTSC video has
>>>much lower vertical resolution: 525 lines and interlaced (15 KHz
>>>horizontal, alternate 262.5 line frames @ 60 Hz)

>>>Also might consider that the video bandwith of your TV = ~5 Mhz but the
>>>video coming out of the DS2100 is 70 Mhz...

>>This sounds interesting. Any more exact specs on the 2100 mono output?
>>I suppose this is the same as on the 3100? What is the vertical scan

>They are all designed for 1024x864 resolution at 60 Hz refresh. They are
>all fixed frequency monitors with a 56 Khz horizontal rate.

All right, not a bloody chance of running it with any TV, then.

>I have often wondered if you could get away with changing the 69 MHz xtal
>in a DS3100, VS3100 or GPX card to about 80 Mhz to get a decent (non
>headache generating) vertical refresh rate, using a multisync monitor.

How would one go about changing this? Is it software-controlled or a matter of
replacing an oscillator?

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