Subject: Re: Randomly crashing DECstation 5000/125 with NetBSD 1.5
To: NetBSD/pmax <>
From: Iggy Drougge <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 02/12/2001 17:42:25
Chris Tribo skrev:

>on 2/11/01 7:54 PM, Alexander Schreiber at
> wrote something like:

>> I strongly suspect this to be a hardware problem and I hope to find some
>> people here with some knowledge of these machines - finding good
>> documentation for such a machine seems to be quite a challenge
>> unfortunately :-(

>    Yes, there isn't any online AFAICT for any machine newer than the

Is there any online for the 5000/200, and if so, where? Ah yes, they're on the
DEC FTP. OTOH, isn't the MAXINE newer? There is postscript documentation on
the PMAX Linux site.

En ligne avec Thor 2.6.

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