Subject: Re: Install on DS5000/200
To: NetBSD PMAX <>
From: Gennaro Esposito <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 02/12/2001 12:51:49
Hei men!
Is there someone?
I was out for one week (in the sunny Alabama!) but I received nothing
about the problem...
Next, the text of my previous e-mail about the "trap" problem...
Toru Nishimura: have you news?

Greetings, Simon
thank you for the correct hint...but the documentation say nothing about
it...(I'm reading page 16 of install document dated October 29, 2000)
Well...I've tryed with install.ecoff.gz (unzipped!) and it works but...
Yes there is a "but"...
Installation start and everythink seems gone well ("all sets installed"
and "all device created") then I boot...
>> boot 5/rz0/netbsd
<snipped a lot of text...then...>
root file system type: ffs
trap: address error (load or I-fetch) in kernel mode
status=0xff04 cause=0x10000010, epc=0x8019c954...
pid=1 cmd=init....
stopped in init at ufs_lookup+0x3f4: lhu a0,4(s0)

And now?

TIA for your help
Gennaro Esposito
(System Engineer)
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