Subject: Re: for pmax?
To: Iggy Drougge <>
From: Jay D. Allen <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 02/11/2001 23:02:00
> Jay D. Allen skrev:
> >    Is there anyone else working on a secondary boot loader
> >for the DECStations?  Seems like the only way to get around
> >this game of making funky kernels, and maybe the way
> >to netboot machines that only support MOP loading (short of writing
> >a new mop server).   This would be a small program that could
> >be tftp or MOP booted, which when loaded could use NFS, tftp,
> >or whatever to get the ball rolling.
> A mopd is part of the standard NetBSD distribution, so what's wrong with
> booting your entire kernel that way?

1.  As near as I can tell it does not work.  You need a mop protocol 
image, or an a.out image.   The latter begets the former if you 
can make an a.out kernel and use mopa.out.  If I'm missing something
here please clue me in, but as near as I can tell there is no working
mop-boots for NetBSD-1.5/Pmax.

2.  It would make the decstation install more consistent with the other
ports; Sparc, HP300, vax.  They all use a secondary, network loadable,
boot loader.

3.  There would finally be something to put in the installation/netboot