Subject: Re: decstation 5000/240 keyboard goes WHERE?
To: Marc Jasner <>
From: Ken Wellsch <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 02/05/2001 21:46:40
Marc Jasner wrote:
> > The cable I have is a 17-02640-01 Rev. B01 and allows you to attach an
> > LK201 keyboard and puck mouse to a 5k/240.  I've also used the same cable
> > on a 3k/600 Alpha system.
> Hmm... i'll have to look for one...

What DEC part number is printed on the D15 pin (?) connector handle?

> The keyboard (The one off of the  vt220... should work, right?) lights up
> when its on the VT, but not when it's with the cable i have... No lights
> no nothing... i also tried a cable froma  decstation 3000 (just a 3000...
> no numbers as far as i can tell...) and it didn't work at all... and that
> was with an lk201 keyboard and puck mouse on 2 diff 240's.... So i know
> it's not the port on mine...

No lights suggests no power is going to the keyboard I think.

> > Can you reattach your VT220 and run a 'test' command on the console?
> cnsltest? Or is there another command i should do?

I think you can just type 'test<RETURN>' at the '>>> ' prompt
and it will start some extensive self testing that should display
a running status as it goes.

-- Ken