Subject: Re: decstation 5000/240 keyboard goes WHERE?
To: Ken Wellsch <>
From: Marc Jasner <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 02/05/2001 22:41:54
> The cable I have is a 17-02640-01 Rev. B01 and allows you to attach an
> LK201 keyboard and puck mouse to a 5k/240.  I've also used the same cable
> on a 3k/600 Alpha system.

Hmm... i'll have to look for one...

> So when you power the 240 up with the cable/keboard attached, do the
> red LEDs in the keyboard do anything?

The keyboard (The one off of the  vt220... should work, right?) lights up
when its on the VT, but not when it's with the cable i have... No lights
no nothing... i also tried a cable froma  decstation 3000 (just a 3000...
no numbers as far as i can tell...) and it didn't work at all... and that
was with an lk201 keyboard and puck mouse on 2 diff 240's.... So i know
it's not the port on mine...

> Can you reattach your VT220 and run a 'test' command on the console?

cnsltest? Or is there another command i should do?

Again please help if possible because i don't know all of the boot prom
commands... this is fairly new to me... but i'm learning! :)
Beats the heck out of a pc anyday! :)

Thanks again!