Subject: Re: decstation 5000/240 keyboard goes WHERE?
To: Ken Wellsch <>
From: Marc Jasner <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 02/05/2001 20:46:15
> You mentioned setting 'console s' is that still the case?  I don't know
> whether the system will talk to the video console if that is set that way.
> But I'm probably out to lunch...

Nope. I set the console to "*" which is what i found to "Search the
console options for best choice" Unless i'm way off... Can someone confirm
that or tell me i'm an idiot? ;)

Unfortunately i won't be able to get my hands on the documentation for
these systems for the next week or so, so basically i'm flying blind here.

I've got the monitor asking for a language, but i can't give it any input.
ARGH... is there a setenv i should be doing?

> Can you tell me what memory "cards" you used to achieve 144Mb?  I think
> right now you cannot mix types, and so 32Mb sticks and 8Mb sticks don't
> work together (although I've heard people say with 32's you can add a
> trailing 8Mb stick and ignore the err messages).

It's all 32's except for 2 8's... it's arranged osmething like 32 32 32
8 32 8 which oddly enough gave NO trouble... I've also heard that you
can't mix, but i haven't had a bit of trouble... I don't ask, i just work
In fact it's VERY peppy and puts my pentiums to shame! SHAME ON INTEL :)

Comments are always welcomed, and help is ALWAYS APPRECIATED :)

I acquired this machine by accident. A buddy of mine let me get access to
his work place's "stash o' old stuff" which included many old svga
monitors that i needed, and while i was up there i found a few old
5000/240's gathering dust with 2 external storage boxes... i grabbed a
machine and both boxes, and yanked the memory from the rest....  I haven't
had a day of trouble with it since i got netbsd installed :) In fact, i
talked my boss into setting one up in our office as another research box
(We do network research in an academic setting (mmm... grad school....
GAG)) and that one only has 32 mb of memory (you think i'd give up my
144?!?!?!?) and one of the storage boxes (The one with only one good
drive, of course... again, the good ones are MINE!!!! hehe). I had an old
vt220 laying around and hooked it up... had no problems. Fortunately the
guy that gave me the machine is a BIG fan of old dec stuff and still has
all of the original documentation, cables, etc that came with them.. I
should be able to get at them later in the week, but i was wondering what
cable exactly i needed for the keyboard... 

In the meantime i've got this great vrt19-da from the same guy... hey the
price was right :)

Thanks for all the help so far people :)