Subject: RE: diskimag not booting
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 02/05/2001 17:05:31

I found my problem. I used to press CTRL-C to break out into ROM monitor mode, and then try boot. This would cause the SCSI card to go into a funny mode.

I did an "init" command before trying to boot lastnight and it work first time! So it wasn't a problem with the diskimage or the way I was writing the raw sectors. (now onto more interesting stuff)

This is one of the troubleshooting tips in the OpenBSD install notes for pmaxes. This maybe a good addition to the NetBSD install notes?


------------ wrote:

> I finally managed to get a program that will write the diskimage file
> to a scsi hard disk (beginning from sector 0, ie partition table).
> When I move the hard disk to my decstation (5000/125)and issued the command
> boot 3/rx2/netbsd
> it start booting, but then gives me the following error message:
> lseek phdr: Unknown error: 92

This looks like a botched ELF header in the kernel on the diskimage.  Is
this the 1.5 diskimage you're having problems with?

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