Subject: Install on DS5000/200
To: NetBSD PMAX <>
From: Gennaro Esposito <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 02/01/2001 15:08:45
I've checked in the archives about my problem but did not find
OK, it could be simple to solve for you, BSD gurus, but I'm just an egg,
so please don't flame me!!! ;-) 
Well, the problem is the following:
I'm trying to install NetBSD 1.5 on an good old Digital DS5000/200 w/
DEC Ultrix (4.3a) following the raccomandations in the "Installation
Procedure for NetBSD/pmax" file, for the FTP installation...
I've downloaded all the "binary" kit from (one of your
mirror), so no compile or link-time error...
Well, I've unzipped the "install.gz" and copied it under the "root" (/).
At the console prompt (>>), I've typed the boot command:
>> boot 5/rz0/install
but I receive the following message:

Ultrixboot ........
bad magic number
and that's all!

What's up?!

maybe you need other informations (gurus are not wizard, they have no
crystal ball...) but really I don't know what they could be...let me

TIA for your support!
Gennaro Esposito
(System Engineer)
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