Subject: Re: DS 3100 with memory problem.
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 12/16/2000 11:43:48
Iggy Drougge wrote:

>>Now, I've opened the case (puh!) and tried fiddeling with the modules, trying
>>to start it with fewer modules and so. Still no life. So, I'm wondering, can
>>one place the memory in the 3100 the wrong way? (There's a digital-logo on
>>the modules wich is facing the back of the computer). Can the memory problem
>>be caused by a faulty controller or so, ie not that the modules them selves
>>are bad?

>Hm, could this be why my Maxine died all of a sudden? While it mechanically
>works, I just don't receive anything on the serial port.

Not sure how the Maxine (5000/25?) looks, but the 3100 has a couple of leds on
the back side at least which tell the status of the machine. 

>>Further, does anyone in Sweden have an unused cable between a PMAG-B and a
>>VR290-D3 monitor (3xBNC)? I'd be interested in buying that one if so :-)

>Does anyone have a /used/ cable, for that matter?

What's bothering me is that I have a cable between my 3100 and the monitor, but
would like to run the monitor on my 5000/120. However, the monitor cable from
the 3100 doesn't fit the 5000... (It fits in the keyboard/mouse port). Oh well,
time to start bugging the local computer groups :-)

// Simon