Subject: DS 3100 with memory problem.
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 12/14/2000 11:50:52

I wrote a mail to this list a few weeks ago about a dead 3100, but it turned out
that only the memory was dead :-) (the leds really melt together on the back,
hard to see if any of them are off).

Now, I've opened the case (puh!) and tried fiddeling with the modules, trying to
start it with fewer modules and so. Still no life. So, I'm wondering, can one
place the memory in the 3100 the wrong way? (There's a digital-logo on the
modules wich is facing the back of the computer). Can the memory problem be
caused by a faulty controller or so, ie not that the modules them selves are

I've also got a DS 5000/120 which works great. Now, the cable between the 3100
and the monitor fits right into the DS 5000's keyboard/mouse port and has
sockets for keyboard and mouse on the cable. Can I use this cable for connecting
the keyboard/mouse to the DS 5000?

Further, does anyone in Sweden have an unused cable between a PMAG-B and a
VR290-D3 monitor (3xBNC)? I'd be interested in buying that one if so :-)

// Simon Kagstrom, asking lots of questions ;-)