Subject: Re: novice need help
To: Peter C. Wallace <>
From: Crossfire <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 09/29/2000 10:10:59
Peter C. Wallace was once rumoured to have said:
> On Thu, 28 Sep 2000, Gumesindo Leon Hernandez wrote:
> > Hi, I have 2 hours experience with netbsd. I have 3 DecStations
> > 5000/25 and I try to install them netbsd, I just dowload NetBsd from the
> > site, ( by the way: I not speak English :(.. ). I try to
> > install via tftp and this happed: 
> > 
> > >>boot 3/tftp
> > ?FNF : 3/tftp
> FNF means file not found
> Sure you have tftp (and bootp | DHCP) setup correctly on your server and
> the boot file in the right place?
> > The ftp server have Unixware 7.0, can you help me?, whats wrong?,  the
> > install.ecoff file (gunziped) is in ftp/pub. I get the install
> > documetation from the, but I can't find some to help me.

ftp?   *bwarp* wrong answer.

tftp  !=  ftp.

tftp is the "_Trivial_ File Transfer Protocol".  If Unixware even
ships with a tftpd, you'll probably need to enable it in
/etc/inetd.conf, if not, you'll have to download [and port] the source
for an existing one.  also try consulting 'man tftpd'.

tftp is evil in many ways - and there are a surprisingly large number
of semi-broken implentations.  The *BSD ones all work properly AFAIK,
but beware the linux implementations, of which half are broken, and
the other half are patched in inconsistant ways.

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